package design

A product’s package is it’s most valuable advertisement.

Pixelface branding and package design has won awards and recognition from Communication Arts, The Rosy Awards, Architectural Record and Graphic Design Magazine

The examples above were printed on recycled papers, using soy ink and having a compostable inner foil made from tree sap. This product and packaging started in Pixelface’s very own kitchen between 2006-2007 and is now a nationally distributed brand.

A Lulu’s Chocolate bar, with its detailed rococo radiant patterns, looks like a neo-modern form of chocolate currency, forward-looking for a new generation of chocolate enthusiasts. The brand language is deeper. Color, pattern, shape, the Lulu’s Flavor Wheel, and typography all serve to distinguish the visual brand. The six Flavor Wheel brand family colors, plus six engraved Peruvian patterns, are the visual expressions of Lulu’s flavor-driven focus. The packaging is all recycled and color is all printed with veggie based ink to reflect the fully organic, vegan product.

Other visual brand determinants include the heart, specifically a symbol of chocolate and radiating sun, which symbolizes mana or life-force and nourishment. The Heart and the Sun for a basis underlying all packaging, literature, and communications.

The Logotype is derived from an iconic French style letterform from the victorian time but with modified curves to simulate a related and sexy experience. The typographic palette is clean and relatively light — reversing out of pure logo color to the particular brand family member’s color. This sets the logotype clearly apart creating clarity and contrast between brand and information. The layout system is proportional and multiples of squares, defining column measures and image scale.

The rest is great chocolate.